CCMTA is the custodian of Road Safety Strategy 2025 and will be responsible for its update.

Updates may include documenting progress made on new research projects undertaken, identifying new initiatives to be included in the multi-cell matrix of key risk groups and contributing factors, revising the framework of proven best practice initiatives, reporting on progress towards Canada’s vision of Towards Zero - the safest roads in the world.

As custodian of the RSS 2025, the CCMTA, working through the jurisdictions and its committees, task forces, and working groups, will be responsible for maintaining, updating and reporting on the strategy. Given the strategy’s approach, these up-dates may include progress on new research projects, identifying new initiatives, key risk groups or contributing factors.

It is recommended that each jurisdiction develop its own action plans, and in creating these plans, use the road safety measures  that have been proven effective in Canada and elsewhere. 

List of Government jurisdictions

Ten year timeframe

The ten year timeframe takes into account the reality that collision data collection can take up to two to three years, making it difficult to identify road safety trends in a five year period.

A mid-term review of the strategy will be scheduled after the fifth year of RSS 2025 (i.e. 2020). In order to keep the strategy’s ten year approach relevant and front and centre for all stakeholders, annual reporting on progress and evaluations of road safety initiatives is essential.


CCMTA will produce a report (based on Transport Canada’s annual fatality and serious injury data) on progress using rate-based indicators for fatalities and serious injury rates as well as key risk groups and contributing factors. Additionally, CCMTA will also report on qualitative measures on an annual basis.